How Can Makeup Make Small Eyes Appear Larger?

How Can Makeup Make Small Eyes Appear Larger?

In the quest to enhance the allure of small eyes through makeup, industry professionals, including a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, have shared their top tricks. Alongside these expert tips, we've gathered additional answers that offer a variety of techniques to achieve that sought-after wide-eyed effect. From the precise art of tight-lining for eye definition to the subtle impact of highlighting the brow bone, discover seven transformative tricks to make small eyes appear larger.

  • Tight-Line for Eye Definition
  • Tailor Eyeliner to Eye Shape
  • White Liner Enhances Eye Size
  • Brighten with Light Inner Shadows
  • Curl Lashes for Eye Expansion
  • Extend Shadow Beyond Outer Corner
  • Highlight Brow Bone to Enlarge Eyes

Tight-Line for Eye Definition

In order to maximize the eye size, tight-line at the root of the lash line instead of above. It adds definition without compromising the size of the eye.

Samantha Klein
Samantha KleinMakeup Artist - Hair Stylist, Samantha Klein

Tailor Eyeliner to Eye Shape

One cool trick I've picked up is getting to know your own eye shape. Once you've got that down, nailing your eyeliner can totally change up your look. Makeup isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, especially for playing up your eyes. Maybe it's going for that winged-liner look, popping some lighter shades in the inner corners, or layering up mascara on top and bottom lashes – it all boils down to tweaking it to fit you perfectly.

Diane Howard
Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

White Liner Enhances Eye Size

Applying white eyeliner to the waterline can have a remarkable effect on the eyes, creating the illusion of more space and making them seem larger. This technique helps by reflecting light, which in turn brightens the eye area and gives the appearance of more expansive eyes. The key is to select a matte white liner rather than one with shimmer to maintain a natural look.

Avoiding dark liners on the waterline is essential, as they tend to make the eyes look smaller. Experiment with a white eyeliner and notice the difference it can make.

Brighten with Light Inner Shadows

In the realm of makeup techniques, utilizing lighter eyeshadow shades near the inner corners of the eyes can play a transformative role. These lighter shades act as a beacon of light, drawing the gaze to the focal point and giving the impression of wider eyes. To maximize this effect, choose a shade that complements your skin tone and dab just a touch of shimmer to catch the light.

Blending is crucial to ensure a seamless transition from the light inner corners to the darker shades on the outer parts of the lids. Try this technique to brighten the eyes and make them pop.

Curl Lashes for Eye Expansion

For those seeking to amplify the appearance of their eyes, curling the lashes is a cornerstone. This act lifts the lashes, therefore opening up the eye area and contributing to a more alert and expansive look. Following the curl, a generous application of volumizing mascara can provide the lashes with the thickness and prominence needed to make the eyes stand out.

It is important to ensure that the mascara is clump-free for the most flattering finish. Give your lashes a curl and see how it can elevate your entire eye makeup look.

Extend Shadow Beyond Outer Corner

A subtle yet effective way to make small eyes appear larger is to extend the eyeshadow slightly beyond the outer corner of the eyes. This technique creates a gentle illusion of length, extending the boundaries of the eye without appearing unnatural. To achieve this, use a soft brush and eyeshadow that matches your crease color, delicately blending outwards in a winged shape.

The extension should be just enough to make an impact without overtaking your look. Why not try extending your eyeshadow and watch your eyes magically grow?

Highlight Brow Bone to Enlarge Eyes

One artistic way to draw attention to the eyes and make them appear larger is to highlight the brow bone. By applying a subtle highlight just underneath the arch of the brow, it creates a contrast that accentuates the overall eye area, directing focus upward. The highlighter selected should be a touch brighter than your natural skin tone for the best lifting effect.

It is also beneficial to blend softly to avoid any harsh lines. Add a touch of highlight to your brow bone and boost the look of larger eyes.

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