How Do You Manage Client Requests in the Beauty Industry?

How Do You Manage Client Requests in the Beauty Industry?

When beauty professionals encounter client requests that test their expertise, they rise to the occasion with creativity and skill. From an Emergency Medicine Physician and Business Owner crafting comprehensive aesthetic plans to a makeup artist who curates allergen-free makeup, we’ve collected answers that showcase the challenges and triumphs of working in the beauty industry.

  • Crafting Comprehensive Aesthetic Plans
  • Curating Allergen-Free Makeup Selections
  • Blending Client Desires with Professional Expertise
  • Prioritizing Safety in Beauty Services
  • Creating Bespoke Services for Individual Goals
  • Balancing Trends with Personal Style
  • Respecting Client Choices for Satisfaction

Crafting Comprehensive Aesthetic Plans

Patients challenge me every day, and that is part of the joy of aesthetics! The worst way to practice aesthetics is to do exactly what the patient asks for because in aesthetics, as in the rest of medicine, patients often don't know what they need. I always address my patients' primary concern, but I consider my job to be to construct a comprehensive treatment plan that will make my patients look their very best. However, I emphasize we can always do as much or as little of that plan as they would like.

I take a systematic approach to facial aging, rooted in the anatomic and physiologic changes that take place at each level of the aging face. There are five key mechanisms that explain these changes, and we direct our treatment plan to correcting these changes at each level. For example, if a patient asks for twenty units of Botox in her forehead, I’ll discuss how the wrinkles are part of a larger process that involves bone loss, atrophy of the facial fat pads, changes in resting tension of the muscles, and the gentle deterioration of collagen over time.

Many patients appreciate our holistic approach as it leads to better, longer-lasting, and reproducible results that allow patients to age gracefully. Our systematic approach removes the guesswork from aesthetics and guarantees our patients receive the greatest return on investment in their skincare. Aesthetics is as difficult as any other field of medicine, and our quest to provide the highest quality service and results is never finished.

John Neely
John NeelyEmergency Medicine Physician and Business Owner at Destinations Med Spa, Destinations Medical Spa

Curating Allergen-Free Makeup Selections

I recently worked with a client who had gluten and yeast allergies and desired a flawless, high-fashion makeup look using clean beauty products. I curated hypoallergenic, gluten-free selections from my brand, KDLR Beauty Labs, known for their high performance. We discussed her style, and I used lightweight, nourishing formulas that delivered a luminous, prestige finish. Each product ensured comfort and radiance, resulting in an allergen-free, high-fashion look she could confidently recreate at home. It was rewarding to see her delight in achieving a runway-ready appearance without compromising her health.

Kristin de la RentaChief Creative Officer & Master Makeup Artist, KDLR Beauty Labs

Blending Client Desires with Professional Expertise

When managing client requests, it’s essential to blend their preferences with professional expertise. A stylist or beautician should listen attentively to what the client desires and then contribute recommendations based on their knowledge and experience. This method ensures that the client feels heard while receiving guidance toward the most flattering and healthy options for their needs.

For example, suggesting hair treatments that protect while aligning with the client's desired outcome. Engage with your clients, so they understand the value of your expertise and encourage them to book their next appointment with confidence.

Prioritizing Safety in Beauty Services

In the realm of beauty, prioritizing safety is paramount when handling client requests. It is the responsibility of the service provider to be well-informed about the products used, understanding their benefits and any potential risks. By carefully selecting products that are both effective and safe, clients can be assured that their well-being is the top priority.

Education on product safety can also empower clients to make more informed choices, leading to better overall satisfaction with the services provided. Remind your clients to always disclose any allergies or sensitivities before starting a treatment, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Creating Bespoke Services for Individual Goals

Every client has a unique set of beauty goals, and customizing services to meet these individual aspirations can lead to a more personalized and satisfying experience. By taking the time to understand what each client hopes to achieve, a beauty professional can create bespoke services that cater to these desires. This might mean adapting techniques or combining treatments in novel ways that speak directly to the client's personal goals.

The result is not just a happy client but one who feels their individuality has been celebrated. Invite your clients to share their ultimate beauty ambitions, then craft a tailored experience just for them.

Balancing Trends with Personal Style

Staying current with beauty trends is essential, but balancing these with a client's personal style is the key to delivering requests that clients will love. Advising clients on how they can incorporate the latest looks in ways that complement their individual aesthetic requires a keen eye for style and an understanding of diverse fashion sensibilities.

This approach ensures that the client receives a trendy update that feels authentic and suits their personality, rather than a one-size-fits-all makeover. Suggest a consultation to explore how to blend cutting-edge trends with their unique style, ensuring they walk away feeling both modern and true to themselves.

Respecting Client Choices for Satisfaction

Throughout the beauty service experience, offering options and respecting a client's decisions are the cornerstone of maintaining satisfaction. A considerate provider presents a range of choices appropriate for the client's request, guiding them without pressuring them towards any predetermined conclusion. By allowing clients to feel in control of their beauty journey, their confidence in the service provider grows.

Ultimately, a satisfied client is a returning client, and fostering that satisfaction is of utmost importance. Encourage your clients to voice their preferences, ensuring that the final decision is one they are excited about and happy to return for.

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