What Techniques Work for Long-Lasting Makeup Application?

What Techniques Work for Long-Lasting Makeup Application?

In search of secrets to makeup that stays flawless all day, we turned to beauty professionals for their unique techniques. From using setting sprays for smudge-free makeup to the hyaluronic primer and translucent powder technique, here are the top five methods shared by CEOs, Directors, and Founders in the beauty industry.

  • Use Setting Sprays for Smudge-Free Makeup
  • Layer Cream and Powder Blush for Durability
  • Bake with Translucent Powder to Set Makeup
  • Combine Primers for Targeted Skin Prep
  • Hyaluronic Primer and Translucent Powder Technique

Use Setting Sprays for Smudge-Free Makeup

Setting sprays! These beauty essentials help lock in your makeup look, ensuring it stays flawless throughout the day, regardless of the weather outside. No more smudges, and a makeup look that lasts all day.

Diane Howard
Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Layer Cream and Powder Blush for Durability

Applying a cream blush first creates a rich, natural-looking base that adheres well. It sinks into the skin more naturally compared to powder alone, giving a more lifelike flush that doesn't sit on top of the skin. Choosing a shade that matches your natural undertone is key to ensuring it blends seamlessly.

Following up with a powder blush in a matching shade not only sets the cream product but also adds an extra layer of color and protection against wear. This combination helps the blush stay vibrant and in place throughout the day, resisting the effects of sweat and natural oil production. The powder blush acts almost like a sealant, locking in the creamy base underneath and providing that long-lasting finish we aim for.

Andrew Grella
Andrew GrellaCEO & Founder, Formen Makeup

Bake with Translucent Powder to Set Makeup

Baking with translucent powder is a game-changer for keeping makeup in place all day. After you've applied your foundation and concealer, generously dust translucent powder on areas that tend to crease, such as under your eyes and T-zone. Allow the powder to sit and "bake" for about 5-10 minutes. This might feel like a long time, but it’s the key step that locks in your base makeup and absorbs any excess oils. After the powder has set, simply brush off the excess.

This simple technique works because it sets your makeup without adding heavy layers, creating a soft, flawless finish. It also minimizes the need for touch-ups and prevents your makeup from breaking down or looking cakey as the day progresses. The result is a smooth, long-lasting look that keeps you feeling fresh and confident all day.

Stacey Tapping
Stacey TappingCEO & Owner, Beauty Sculpting Room

Combine Primers for Targeted Skin Prep

Using a combination of mattifying and pore-filling primers can truly revolutionize your makeup game. This dual approach focuses on targeting specific skin concerns effectively. The mattifying primer works wonders in controlling oil and shine on those trickier parts of your face, like the T-zone. On the other hand, a pore-filling primer is perfect for smoothing out areas with larger pores, like around your nose and cheeks. This allows your foundation to sit perfectly and last longer.

This method not only helps achieve a more flawless finish but also makes your makeup much more durable throughout the day. Having a balanced base ensures that makeup adheres better, preventing it from slipping off or getting patchy. This thoughtful application technique can transform the way your makeup looks and feels, giving you that professional, salon-quality finish.

Sara Millecam
Sara MillecamDirector of Education, Beautiful Brows and Lashes

Hyaluronic Primer and Translucent Powder Technique

Having spent years in the beauty industry, a technique that really stands out is using a primer with hyaluronic acid before applying foundation. This keeps the skin hydrated and provides a smooth base, allowing the makeup to adhere better and last longer. Plus, setting everything with a light dusting of translucent powder helps control shine without caking. It's all about prepping the skin properly!

Lara Woodham
Lara WoodhamDirector, Rowlen Boiler Services

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