What Unconventional Makeup Techniques Are Surprisingly Effective?

What Unconventional Makeup Techniques Are Surprisingly Effective?

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, professionals are constantly experimenting with novel techniques to enhance their artistry. A Director in the industry reveals an unexpected yet effective method: embracing eye and face stickers. Alongside this expert insight, we've gathered additional unconventional tips, including a simple trick to highlight your collarbones, to provide a diverse palette of makeup techniques that might just revolutionize your routine.

  • Embrace Eye and Face Stickers
  • Adopt a Minimalist Approach
  • Mix Moisturizer with Foundation
  • Use Lipstick as Blush
  • Apply Eyeshadow with Fingertips
  • Pre-Apply Setting Spray
  • Highlight Your Collarbones

Embrace Eye and Face Stickers

Eye and face stickers and decals have been a game-changer for me. This method is the easiest way to achieve the "graphic liner" look without the hassle of drawing precise lines on your face. Stickers are quick, effortless, and super effective. They could very well be the future of makeup because they are so accessible, provide instant gratification, and are easy for anyone to use.

People who aren't necessarily skilled at makeup or don't have a lot of experience—or even the right tools—often want to try out fun makeup. They use their face to express themselves or just to decorate for fun. We've also seen a growing trend in using decorative gems or pearls to create a standout look. Decals are a fantastic way to add that extra pop to your makeup, and they're incredibly simple to apply, making them accessible for everyone.

Amy Tribe
Amy TribeDirector, OGLF (Our Good Living Formula)

Adopt a Minimalist Approach

Less is more. Focusing on key essentials, such as investing in a tinted SPF for skin protection, an exceptional mascara for enhancing lashes, and a lip gloss for a subtle pop of color, individuals can elevate their appearance with minimal effort. Sometimes, a few high-quality products can make a significant difference in achieving a polished and effortless look.

Diane Howard
Diane HowardRN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Mix Moisturizer with Foundation

Combining your daily moisturizer with your foundation is an innovative way to amplify the hydration of your skin. The moisturizer not only helps to prevent the foundation from caking, but it also gives a glowing vitality to one's appearance. This technique allows for smoother application and can be especially beneficial during the colder months when skin tends to dry out.

You achieve a more natural, dewy look that brightens the entire face without a heavy makeup feel. Try this method to keep your skin looking fresh throughout the day.

Use Lipstick as Blush

Using lipstick as a blush on the cheeks may sound odd, but it's a trick that offers a beautiful, cohesive pop of color. The texture of lipstick melds into the skin, often more seamlessly than some powder blushes, giving a more natural flush to the cheeks. It can also be a lifesaver when you're short on time or want to carry less in your makeup bag.

This cross-purpose use of lipstick can tie your look together, particularly if the lipstick shade complements your overall color scheme. Next time you're doing your makeup, reach for your favorite lipstick to add that radiance to your cheeks.

Apply Eyeshadow with Fingertips

Applying eyeshadow with your fingertips can truly intensify the color and pigmentation on your eyelids. Fingers can warm the shadow, making it more pliable and easier to blend onto the skin. This hands-on approach allows for greater control over the intensity and placement of color.

You'll find that the natural oils in your skin can help bind the pigment better than a brush might. For a striking impact on your eyes, don't hesitate to ditch the brush and use your fingers to apply your next eyeshadow look.

Pre-Apply Setting Spray

Many are unaware that a spritz of setting spray before applying makeup can greatly improve its durability. Instead of solely using it after applying makeup, a preparatory layer can establish a more adherent base for the products to cling to. This unconventional method helps to lock in makeup from the start, ensuring it stays put throughout the day or night.

It's an excellent trick for those who need their look to last through long events or hot weather. Give this technique a shot to experience a noticeable difference in your makeup's staying power.

Highlight Your Collarbones

Accentuating your collarbones with a touch of highlighter can bring an unexpected yet sophisticated shimmer to your overall look. This subtle glow can enhance your natural bone structure and adds an element of elegance, especially when wearing off-the-shoulder or V-neck tops. It creates a delicate radiance that catches the light beautifully, making it perfect for special events.

This easy-to-apply technique doesn't require professional skills but can significantly elevate your presence. Next time you dress up, try adding this simple highlight to your collarbones for an instantly graceful effect.

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